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Civvie Health Care

Paleo is healthy. Life is only nasty, brutish, and short if one makes it nasty, brutish, and short by doing stupid things. The way our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived was in fact an extremely healthy way to live. Sure, you could be eaten by a bear, but that was the exception rather than the rule. Nowadays anyone hanging out with a bear deserves to get eaten on principle – back then they might not have because they knew how to handle themselves.

Anyway, Since I had my heart attack 20 days ago, I’ve been thinking pretty hard about a couple of things. Namely, what would happen to me if I suddenly stopped taking my meds? Would my heart seize up again? Would my new, stress-reduced life relieve some of the pressure on my poor little ticker enough that it could heal up a little before I actually got to the age when we begin to expect these crazy little mishaps? Would my new, 100% organic and 100% wild diet reduce my naughty cholesterol and up my happy cholesterol to the point where my arteries actually began to clean themselves out again? Would I grow strong again like I was when I was 19?

I don’t know. I don’t think anyone really knows. I’m putting a link up to the paleo diet site on the right just in case, though.

But that’s not really the point of this post. The point is really this:

Does my heart attack preclude me from living a healthier lifestyle, given the fact that medication binds me to civ, which is the cause of the problem in the first place. I smoked for more than 20 years, but I quit a while ago. It sucked, and I still want to smoke more,  but I still quit. It still sucks. I ate processed foods because that’s what was available. It’s still what’s available, since there’s no way in hell I can afford health-food-store grocery prices. I would have to eat like I didn’t like food and that’s not going to happen. I’m stressed to hell and back because of another civ-created monstrosity, that being money.

I’m with Derrick Jensen on this: there are no poor people and there are no rich people. There are only those who have the cash and those who don’t. Pity that the only reason such a high percentage of people enter the medical field is because of the disproportionately large paychecks, rather than the genuine desire to heal.


Beginning a New Way

On the morning of Saturday, Oct. 9th 2010, 8 days before my 37th birthday, I had a heart attack. Life will not be the same again – mostly because I refuse to allow it.

I’m leaving this trail of breadcrumbs so that others can learn from my actions and inactions. Most would not choose to go down the path I’ve taken financially, though it wasn’t the result of any single, conscious decision. I’m frigging broke and up to my ears in debt. But I want to go a little paleo. Ok, as it sits right now, a lot paleo. Live off the fat of the land kind of paleo. It’s better for my health, but there will be more on that later.

I’ve done a crappy job of communicating my idea here. Please give a little credit – I’m trying!


See the links on the right – especially those under Fundamental, to begin.