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Thesis #1 Link

I wanted to post the Theses here, but it occurs to me that if I do that I might be in violation of some copyright somewhere, even if I properly attribute it. I’ve got a local copy on my hard drive and I will make sure it doesn’t die – if they fall off the net, I will repost them. Otherwise, here is the link to Thesis #1: Diversity is the Primary Good.

I’m reading an re-reading it a few times to make sure my thoughts on it are solid (and so that it will be hard to argue with me, haha). Feel free to read them over and over and try to find holes in it. I love a good argument when the other side has actually read the materials.

More later.


What to do.

Interesting times we live in, really. I have a (hopefully) paying contract in SL ‘cuz I’m a semi-retired scripter, and I’ve decided to RP just a little bit there. It can be fun I suppose.

In a totally different vein, I’ve been thinking about topics related to living life how it’s meant to be lived. I think I’ll post on the 30 theses (with a mirror of the text just to make sure it doesn’t fall off the web) with annotations, and whomever might read might take away my thoughts on them, too. Even if I’m wrong.

all beat up

I’m not really at a loss for topics to post about on this here blarg, but I’m having a bit of a conundrum just the same. It’s about my ability to express eloquently. I… just haven’t got any by the time I actually begin to type.

That said, I’ve been reading a bit of Derrick Jensen lately. The local library coop really came through with inter-library loan – too well, in fact. Half of Jensen’s books are 800+ pages and I’ve only got these until the 25th of November. I can’t fully agree with his methodologies, but his premises are rock-solid. Good guy it seems; I’d like to meet him.

I’m just a little brain-fried from work these past few days, so it’s been a little difficult to do any thinking. Maybe I’ll do better after things have settled down.

I’ve been a bad boy on the copyright department, though. I’ve been re-building magic cards so that I’ll have something relaxing to do should my female-person decide she wants to learn to play. What can I say? I really liked the game. Lot of possibilities and no two games (matches?) can ever be the same. I had a lot of fun with it years ago.