all beat up

I’m not really at a loss for topics to post about on this here blarg, but I’m having a bit of a conundrum just the same. It’s about my ability to express eloquently. I… just haven’t got any by the time I actually begin to type.

That said, I’ve been reading a bit of Derrick Jensen lately. The local library coop really came through with inter-library loan – too well, in fact. Half of Jensen’s books are 800+ pages and I’ve only got these until the 25th of November. I can’t fully agree with his methodologies, but his premises are rock-solid. Good guy it seems; I’d like to meet him.

I’m just a little brain-fried from work these past few days, so it’s been a little difficult to do any thinking. Maybe I’ll do better after things have settled down.

I’ve been a bad boy on the copyright department, though. I’ve been re-building magic cards so that I’ll have something relaxing to do should my female-person decide she wants to learn to play. What can I say? I really liked the game. Lot of possibilities and no two games (matches?) can ever be the same. I had a lot of fun with it years ago.


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