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I wanted to post the Theses here, but it occurs to me that if I do that I might be in violation of some copyright somewhere, even if I properly attribute it. I’ve got a local copy on my hard drive and I will make sure it doesn’t die – if they fall off the net, I will repost them. Otherwise, here is the link to Thesis #1: Diversity is the Primary Good.

I’m reading an re-reading it a few times to make sure my thoughts on it are solid (and so that it will be hard to argue with me, haha). Feel free to read them over and over and try to find holes in it. I love a good argument when the other side has actually read the materials.

More later.


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One response to “Thesis #1 Link

  • Dad The second para. after the 4 – item list is germane. Try quoting one per post and discussing it so that your discussion expounds quite a bit more deeply than the initial assertion does.

    Per the above link: “Copyright protects the particular way authors have expressed themselves. It does not extend to any ideas, systems, or factual information conveyed in a work. “

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