Dirt Time

Well, I won’t be camping the knap-in but I’ll just be attending on the Saturday. The Significant Other ™ is having an allergy issue this year so I’ll be doing it alone. That’s ok. I’m basically looking to learn only a few things… what these rocks look like in the wild so that I can gather them, and what the most basic techniques are. That will get me something to chew on and it’s all I’ll really need. I was hoping to camp it but I won’t go nuts…. I’m going to be there for the knapping anyway.

In another note, I decided it’s high time I did something about the grocery store situation, and the fact that the price of gas is going up and up and up and will never again come down, thus driving up the price of food as well – I planted a wee box garden that won’t feed the whole world… won’t fee a single person, really, but will help with the gardening and plant confidence. In effect, I got some dirt time today! XD

Here’s a pic:

It’s not what my dad does, but I’m already proud of the start, as small as it is.


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