Monthly Archives: May 2011


I’ve been busy lately, but I haven’t been forgetting about the blog. Been thinking about what the next post should be about, and real life got in the way. Pesky thing. Maybe people’s bug-out bags? I recently went back home to the big D and found that only one of my oldest friends does NOT have a bag ready. I have a few opinions about the concept, though honestly more about the contents than anything else.

I keep seeing something that I’m finding a little disturbing: why are people packing so much? I’d like to hear the lists people are putting into them and what the rationale is for a lot of it. I’m personally of the opinion that I’d prefer not to have the bag at all as it’ll likely be filled with things I’ll find myself relying on – crutches, if you will. A few field guides and enough gas in the tank to get out of Dodge – or at least far enough away that the abandoned car won’t be found for a few hours – would suffice, I would think.

If there’s more than one reader, I’d love if they compared notes! Let’s see them comments!