Oh can we, please?


Could I assume I’m not the only one disappointed by this? Not only did the US not default, it set itself up for business as usual through 2013. I can’t be the only person who was genuinely looking forward to the impending collapse. I was feeling like a spectator in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, watching the show from the edge, and rather hoping that we’d all go over so I could let go of the rails, lift my arms to the sky and yell “WWHHHEEE!!!!”

Perhaps I’ve become a tad cynical about the system that anyone reading this will find themselves born into. Perhaps. The first few months of a collapse would suck, but the rest – that might have been a different story. I say “might have been” because now we don’t get to take the ride over that edge. At least not now.

I have the feeling that the US running out of money would somehow make my inability to get financially ahead OK. Maybe I’m wrong on that, but my aversion to the capitalist dance is making me more and more nauseous as I get older. I’ve been increasingly drawn to gifting, simplification, and mutual support, as in a tribe.

Therefore I must care because this news means I don’t get to try it.


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3 responses to “Oh can we, please?

  • obscureblogger

    No, this news means that you cannot claim that you were forced into it. The gifting, etc., is still an option … if you can make it work.

  • obscureblogger

    We can always simplify a great deal. With most jobs a certain amount of complexity is required, but all other complexity can be eliminated. Indeed, if the economy tanks, we will be forced into that position. I’m wondering if gifting and tribes are even possible … both require quite a bit of trust and, with the exception of military units where tribe is an indoctrination point (once a Marine, always a Marine etc.) I just don’t see that in any unit much larger than an extended family. When was the last time everyone on the same hall in an apartment building got along … or could even match each others names to their faces? Getting a block group to pull together means 10 people working their tails off while 150 people laugh behind closed doors.

    BTW … it’s been about 2 months since I drank coffee last. I went on a food fast for a few days and dropped coffee because I know from experience that it gives a fierce banger of a headache when fasting … and I just haven’t picked it up again. That’s a small thing … but it means that I don’t have to pack a coffee pot in my go-bag.

    • gblogswild

      No coffee?

      Actually that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve laid off of it quite a bit. I know where to find oodles of caffeine locally that doesn’t have to be roasted so if I REALLY wanted to hop back on that train, I could. But I wouldn’t bother.

      I think that gifting and tribe is possible and would become the standard way within a single generation. Mostly, I think this because those who didn’t cooperate within that framework wouldn’t last too long. I think the age of taking your brother for everything he’s worth is just about over – soon, the brother won’t have anything left to lose and will be forced take the last steps needed to be rid of his vampire.

      Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m just about sucked dry.

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