Good news or bad news? The good news is that I’m free, the bad news is that I’m free. Depends on how you look at it. In my case I’m choosing to see it as good news.

I got fired from my real life job on Sept. 2, 2011. I’d held that job for 13 days shy of 11 years. I’d learned a lot at that place, matured a bit, and showed up a lot of youngsters. I was less than enthused about being put in the sales department, doing product demos on the phone, but I’d accepted that it was what it was. This is part of the reality of the situation.

On August 31st I was warned to be more cheerful on the phone. Over the course of the next two days, I was, and in fact my sales numbers increased and surpassed those who were also in my department. That was a Wednesday. On Friday a little after 5pm they let me go. When I went in to pick up my last pay stub there was an enormous count of new faces… college students, it looked like, and a lot of them. I smell My Tax Dollars at work.

Faced with an inability to locate other suitable employment over the past six years (keep in mind I was employed already and not looking all that hard), I decided it was in my best interests to move to North Carolina with my dad. Over the course of the next month I would have been drained completely dry financially and would have, literally, been turned out homeless. It will be the four of us – myself, him, his wife, and my new wife (ah, yeah, I didn’t blog that I’d got married 3 weeks ago! Not on topic!). He and I will start out clearing out his Man Cave(tm) and then following up with installing all of our combined woodworking tools & equipment and go into business making things of wood. What kinds of things? Canes, pens, bowls, bows, guitars & bass guitars. Possibly also amplifiers as I have a semi-complete vacuum tube amplifier toolkit that I’ve put together over the past few years. I’m mostly excited about the possibility of making meat with my own bows, however, as that brings me back on topic with this blog.

So the reality is this: I’m either unemployed or just badly self-employed. Either way, I’m still looking toward the wild places to learn and where we’ll all be, I’ll be one step closer to it.

Here’s to separating the wheat from the chaff, going tribal, shucking old civvie shells, and  new beginnings.


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One response to “News?

  • Bill

    I always called that awkward time between a regular job and enough customers to pay the bills as “self under-employed” … I was working my tail off … so, technically, I was employed. But I was mostly just busy frantically looking for customers.

    Hi … GC’s Dad here.

    I guess my toast at his wedding wasn’t too embarrassing, after all.

    I’ve often wondered what it might be like to have a business with my sons and now I’m getting the chance to find out.

    Between my son and I, we have a number of marketable skills and that is precisely what we are going to do with them.

    In him, I have a partner who can readily do the things I find difficult and can provide the ideas I don’t have. We’re both plenty smart, but neither of us has done a whole lot with his life. Maybe that’s about to change.

    More than that, he’s not just any partner … he’s my son. And that, my friend, is gold coin in the hand.

    Because he’s my son, when business permits, I’ve got a partner to walk the AT (and lesser trails) with. He’s into foraging. I’m into foraging (an interest we arrived at separately, by the way). We like each other enough to spend a whole day together and what is a week of backpacking but seven individual days with ever-changing scenery?

    Because he’s my son, when I need an extra hand with something around the house, I’ll (usually) have one. He’s no slave, but when the plumbing leaks for one, it leaks for all.

    So yeah … why not do the amplifier thing? And the pen thing and the cane thing and the bow thing. And the luthier thing. And the whatever else comes along thing, too.

    Oh, and I have a couple power washers. Might find some work cleaning gum off sidewalks or crud off walls.

    We can paint. As long as we aren’t trying to support ourselves right away on painting exclusively, it can become a pretty nice little business all by itself. I’ve got the tools and the skills for that, too. Landlords are forever needing painting done.

    I’ll teach you everything I know … got a minute? 😉

    Providing we don’t let pride hamper us, there are lots of ways we can earn a living. If we sell largely via the internet (and take it easy on the craft shows), the woodworking can be done on the days we have nothing else to do and it’s too rainy to go backpacking with our wives.

    It’s just a matter of printing more business cards and setting up rate sheets to standardize estimates. Oh … and getting those cards in the hands of everyone for 20 miles around.

    We can punch a clock for someone else or we can make some money.

    As things are, you had just enough time and funds to make an adroit move. Much longer and paralysis would have set in.

    The way the game is played is like this: when the SHTF, grab a couple slices of bread and make a sammich of it. Then put a sign up and sell it.

    You don’t have to eat (substance) if you can sell it.

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