‘Allo, updates, yeh?

So I’ve been busy most of the past 3 months working on my dad’s house. It needed a lot of TLC on the outside – we ended up putting a new exterior on the building, completely. It’s almost done, and wow, do I hurt.

Florida’s unemployement, shall I say, sucks. It’s not that I’m on it, though I am, it’s just that it maxes out at $275 a week (dare I say, you Republican pricks can suck it). I chose not to pull taxes out of it and still the maximum I have received is $494 for a two-week stint. There are TWO of us who have to live on that. It’s not possible. I realize I’m not supposed to live on it but shouldn’t it at least be enough to cover the rent for the month or two it takes to find employment?!?  I submitted all the job searches and jumped through all of the flaming  hoops they put in front of me and STILL I can barely afford to find a job. Odd how that works, no? Good thing I had relatives with a bedroom or we’d be homeless.

On a lighter note, in the spring I’ll be heading out to Wildroots for a little instruction and orientation session. I’ve never hung out with anyone who actually practices the old hunter/gatherer-era skills before and I hope I can fit in with them. They’ve got a lot to teach and I’ve still got a lot or learn left in me. Hopefully over the course of this next year I can go a few times so I can get up to snuff quickly. Living out there in the western woods might not be in the cards, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sample what one author called “one long, insanely committed camping trip” (author unsure, but I think it was in a NATGEO article about the African !Kung people who still mostly live a H/G lifestyle (I hear they live well into their 70s and 80s).

I’m excited about it. I might spend some of this winter practicing with a bow drill or a fire stick. It’s going to be too cold for me to harvest any saplings for hunting bows but I can always use the time in other ways, I suppose.


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One response to “‘Allo, updates, yeh?

  • Dad

    I want to thank you, publicly, for all of your help … I couldn’t have gotten the house sealed up in time on my own. As you know, there is still much more to do, but the critical part is done and now it is time for you to focus on your own future. Cast a wide net, son … I’ll be okay.

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